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Campaign Fundraising Letter Sample  


Organizing a fund raising campaign is no joke. There is a great amount of effort needed. As an organizer, you need to take care of many things. Fundraising campaigns are like business transactions. You need to be too formal in asking people for donations and help. Being formal and polite is a sure and effective way on how you could convince prospective donors to give in to your cause. What better way to make this act of persuasion than to convey ideas and donation requests through formal fundraising letters? Organizers are always in search of an effective campaign fund raising letter sample. It would be helpful if you as an organizer would take note of this sample communication letter:


Dear Sir/ Madame:




Divine Intervention is a non-profit organization that is aimed at helping charitable institutions carry out their welfare functions and commitments. As a fundraiser for such institutions, we are very much focused at generating proceeds at any possible means to be able to accumulate money that in turn would be donated to our sponsored charity. No matter how noble and pure out intentions could be, we admit that we could not meet our goals alone. As a non-profit organization, we are striving to generate funds because we have no other source of money but to generate it from various fundraising efforts. We are humbly asking for your generous assistance in helping our group realize our goals and intentions. By donating money, you are helping not just us, but more the needy people who would benefit from the donations we would turnover to charities. Thank you and have a nice day. Your generous donation would be greatly appreciated.



That was a good example of a rich content of a good campaign fundraising letter sample. Take note that the letter was polite and was courteous. The reader would surely be convinced to give to the non-profit organization. Such letters are usually used as effective tools in generating donations from generous donors. As an organizer of a fund raising initiative, you are expected to learn how to compose such letters. Though it is logical that you would still need to make good on your fund raising activity, such solicitation letters would still help serve the purpose of kindly asking support from prospective givers. Make your fund raising campaign work.