Easy Fundraising Ideas




Fund Raising Idea - Simple Plan To Make Money For Charity!


The term 'fundraising' is generally used to refer to activities across all industries that are aimed at generating money for various purposes. In the corporate world, fundraising is the act of gathering further capital to help fund any company's growth initiatives. Selling shares through initial public listings is a fundraising activity that is effectively geared at accumulating money from investors to help form capital for the company.


In its strictest sense, the word fundraising is more popularly used to refer to the money generation activities of non-profit organizations. Government institutions and companies have their own capital base and funding from formal and business sources. However, what about private organizations and institutions, including orphanages and charity houses, that are existing as non-profit and non-business entities? To be able to continue operations and secure functions, such groups make use of different fundraising activities.


In fundraising, the organizers are able to solicit money and other forms of donations from different sources. Because non-profit organizations do not maintain formal businesses to ensure generation of funds, part of their natural existence are different activities that are aimed at soliciting donations from the public. Thus, you would find that different non-profit organizations have different means and techniques of soliciting money from donors.


Fundraising activities in most countries around the world are not imposed with taxes. Thus, almost all non-profit organizations are tax exempted. Several anomalies are being linked to such a privilege. Many startup companies are now starting up in the guise of non-profit organizations to be able to generate significant savings from tax exemptions. Governments are cracking down such anomalous practices.


Is the church a non-profit organization? Apparently, it is not. However, in most countries, privileges are provided to it. Because churches are not businesses, most of them are tax-exempt. Thus, every fundraising event organized by church groups is enjoying the benefits of not having to look after possible taxation rulings on their proceeds. There have been debates on whether this privilege should continue but apparently, the church is still justifying its concerns.


Fundraising activities are important because they are the means on how organizations raise and generate money for their operations. If you aim to donate to charitable and noble institutions, you could actually support their cause even indirectly through participating in their different fundraising activities. Usually, such fundraising events are also designed to be social activities. You would surely enjoy getting involved in such endeavors.